Let’s talk about what web performance is and why it can help increase traffic to your website.

Web performance is all about making websites run smoothly, including making slow processes seem fast.

When you scroll through your website, do the load images fast and effortlessly? Are you presented with a blank screen at first? Do elements jump around? Can you easily click on buttons without accidentally clicking something else?

If not, then you may have a low web performance score and one way we can test this, is with handy tools from Google — PageSpeed Insights or Web.Dev Measure tool.

Let’s just cut to the chase, you just want results! So here are some ideas Blueocto has pulled together for your Advertising and Marketing.

If you have any fresh or unique ideas not already in the list, please do get in touch and we’ll add them to the list (with credit of course!).

  • Display advertisements in newspapers
  • Classified listings
  • Magazine article
  • Enter competition
  • Enter awards
  • Trade directory
  • Offer a discount or coupon
  • Radio advertising
  • Write a guest blog post
  • Interview someone in your industry
  • TV advert
  • Phone directories, such as Yellow Pages or Thomsons
  • Advertise in your local supermarket on…

There’s no denying that the second Covid-19 lockdown in the UK is going to be difficult. Not just for people, families, our mental and physical wellbeing, but also for small businesses. Making sure your business website is ready for Covid-19 lockdown might be one of the things you’ve not yet considered, but we’re here for that!

We’re doing a bunch of things to help, like offering free website audits and recommendations, as well as committing to Adopt A Shop a campaign by Mary Portas to support your local community of traders, shops and businesses by spending your money with them…


Before addressing the phrase content marketing, First, let’s talk about ‘content’. Content refers to information or a post you have created which you want to promote and show your audience what your business.

For example, publishing a newsletter about your new coffee range or a new campaign is about. Its purpose is to inform or entertain your viewers.

For many local and international businesses content marketing is a useful and extremely helpful strategy to use to promote your business or new campaigns that it is launching.

To explain this in a different way take a look below…

The more you…

There are many reasons you would want to add a search function to your website. The main and most important one is to create the best possible experience for visitors.

Giving visitors to your website a way to quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for is number one in user-friendly websites.

One of the ways you can do this is with a search function

  1. You can streamline your navigation, you don’t need every single possible option in your menus or navigation,
  2. Increase user interaction, lengthen the time they spend on your site and provide you with valuable data about what users are searching for,
  3. Give users another way to find the…

Every designer and agency has a workflow that they like to use for their own projects.

Workflows are incredibly personal things, and what works for one person might not necessarily work for another.

So, in this article, we’re going to give you an example of a web design workflow.

You may love it, and some of you may hate it, the point is, it gives you a workflow to start from that you can then take and modify it to fit your own personal projects or preferences.

Most workflows can be broken down into four individual segments.

  • Planning,
  • design,
  • development…

Semantics refers to adding meaning through language and on the web, that translates to using specific languages and syntaxes to add meaning to content.

It’s an incredibly important part of the modern web and can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your sites.

If we start with the very basics, web semantics allow us to control the organisation and display of our content.

Although each site is unique, certain conventions have evolved over time in the commonly recognised page elements.

Most pages, for example, contain some form of navigation, search capability, branding region, footer and main content.


With your optimisation phase completed, you’ll be looking to move on to the final phases, Launch and Reset.

This is when all the work you’ve done on your website, comes to fruition as you take it live and allow it to be accessed by your customers or users.

This is the moment your Agency, your Business and the public have been waiting for so it’s important to get it right!

To that end, it’s a good idea to have a website checklist in place to make sure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s.

This website checklist…

In this article, we’ll take a look at all of the platforms that are built on top of WordPress.

In general, the platforms that are built on WordPress are fully-featured eCommerce platforms.

Native platforms include;

  • user management,
  • multiple payment gateways,
  • live shipping quotes,
  • digital product delivery,
  • and a ton of other features.

If you want to build a fully-featured online store the platforms built on WordPress are a great choice.

Open Source

Many WordPress plugins are open-source and GPL licensed. That means that you can take the code and do just about anything with it.

If you don’t like how the products are displayed you…

Adapting your business to an online audience has been crucial for the survival of countless businesses that have been forced to close during England’s lockdown(s).

We will discuss how small businesses have successfully adapted to the digitally focused world the pandemic has plunged us into.

Along with tips on how you can diversify your offerings, you’ll receive guidance on how to improve your digital presence on a budget.


Originally presented as part of the NewcastleGateshead Initiative, Citylife Business Support.


Hello, Blueocto’s. I’m, Caroline founder of Blueocto Limited, and I’m a Google accredited Mobile Sites, Web Developer. That’s a mouthful.

Caroline Hagan

Web developer. Google-accredited. Love my city, Newcastle. Cat mother. vDub MK1 cabby owner. Website: blueocto.co.uk

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