The Chare’s of Newcastle city

Caroline Hagan
3 min readJun 4, 2020
Plummer Chare, Newcastle -upon-Tyne, September 1967. From Newcastle Libraries. The photograph is taken from the head of the stairs at Dog Bank.

I’ve always had a keen interest in the history of my home, Newcastle upon Tyne.

So much rich information exists, if you dig deep enough, or know the right historian!

One aspect I found curious was the Chare. It’s a word that seemingly only appears up here, in the North.

It describes a narrow alleyway or passage and it is said there was around 20 of them on the Quayside, however, many were destroyed in the Great Fire of 1854.

Most local’s will know some of those that remain; The Broad Chare, Pudding Chare and Trinity Chare.

Quayside Chare

The list of 20 on the Quayside that I could establish — many of which their names changed over time — are as follows;

  1. Dark Chare — west-end of the Quayside, near John Cosyn’s house
  2. Grinding / Grindon / Granden / Grundon Chare — St. John’s Chapel at south-end
  3. Blue/Blew Anchor Share — leads to Butcher Bank
  4. Pepper Corn Chare — likely called as used as currency for rent
  5. Palester’s / Black Boy Chare (sign of a sable youth)
  6. Colwins / Colevin’s / Colvin’s (Armourer’s) Chare
  7. Hornsby’s Chare (formerly Maryon House Chare)
  8. Plumber / Plummer Chare — “Cyprian nymphs dwelled here”. “Robert Plumber, bailiff, 1376”. “Plomer chare” (Beverley chaire). “John Plummer, coal merchant”
  9. Fenwick’s Entry / Kirk Chare — leads up to All Saints’ Church (church lane, top of the chare aligns with stairs to the church)
  10. The Park / Back Lane / Dark Chare / Blind Chare — behind №27 Quayside
  11. Broad Garth — leads into Dog Bank.
  12. Peacock’s Chare — adjoins Custom house, from the Inn it took it’s name. The Inn moved to Trinity Chare.
  13. Trinity Chare (Dalton Place) at Three Indian Kings Court/Hotel. Leads to Broad Chare.
  14. Rewcastle / Rucastle Chare. Possibly named after Thomas Newcastle, master of Trinity House, 1688.
  15. Broad Chare — broad enough for a cart.
  16. Spicer Lane — meets the Broad by a small area called Stony Hill and Duck Hill, back to meet…
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